ABA Ireland Aims

The executive committee intends to establish ABA Ireland as a non-profit charitable organisation with the following aims:

  • To provide free ABA information and educational services (such as workshops, parent training/education, information newsletter) to members of the community who would derive benefit, such as parents of typically-developing children with problem behaviour, parents of children with autism, individuals with acquired brain injury. The aim is to help especially those who may not be able to afford fees for a behaviour analyst.

  • To facilitate mainstream schools interested in providing behaviour support for typically-developing children with behavioural problems (or children with developmental disorders such as autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and related difficulties) by providing ABA information and training workshops for teaching staff and or parents. This may be especially relevant as the mainstream school systems tries to embrace the concept of inclusion for students with various difficulties.

  • To facilitate individual or school-based ABA research in behavioural support methods for populations with various difficulties.

Currently, a precursor to the charity organisation is an ABA Ireland social media Facebook information service that has acquired a membership of more than 840 individuals. ABA Ireland has organised a series of free educational workshops for parents of children with autism. We also hosted events including a Family Fun Day free of charge for families of children with learning difficulties such as autism. These activities were tremendously successful and we hope to host similar events soon.